why is my unemployment claim still pending ny

One of the biggest complaints from claimants is that their claims have been labeled as "pending" for weeks with no apparent changes. "So, you don't know if that money is yours or not," 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik asked. The state now has 1,000 people working online and through its phone system to process the high volume of unemployment claims, Gov. They are worried they gave information to a … Chris Summers owns a blacktop and concrete company. “My business, it could go bankrupt because of this situation they're putting us in. If you already have a claim, please go to labor.ny.gov/signin to make weekly certifications or to view your claim information. NY Launches New Unemployment Site That Won’t Require Phone Call, 200K NYers Still in Limbo. The best ways to prevent pending issues of unemployment thus are to review the regulations applicable in your state thor… 2 On Your Side spoke with a Western New York man Thursday morning who did not want to be interviewed, but said he doesn't know why money showed up in his account while his claim is still pending. If a pending issue is cleared and you are then allowed regular benefits, ... Must not qualify for an unemployment insurance claim in another state or U.S. territory, AND; ... Who has the ability to telework with pay and would still be working substantially the same number of hours and be receiving the same pay. PLEASE HELP. I’m guessing that whenever they finally approve it they’ll pay us for the past weeks they owe, This thread has been locked by the moderators of r/Unemployment, More posts from the Unemployment community. "I decided to start calling, and I finally just like by calling, like, once or twice I finally got through, it must have been the phone line was opened up. Unemployment in NY: ... but we are working meticulously through all of them,” Reardon said in response to why so many claims are still pending … For example, in Minnesota, you will not receive an unemployment check for the weeks covered by severance pay. None of my family or coworkers have been paid yet. Many Americans are still waiting to receive their unemployment checks. I didn't receive any UI benefits yet. I have been trying to help my Mom with her unemployment and she has been pending since 3/13. A place for your unemployment insurance questions. File a new claim here. There is no exact answer anywhere on this. Thanks. I know they're working hard, but there should be a better process to this.". ... if your claim is pending … I'm just checking in to see if you could share any updates? Are there steps to compete? My claim was a mess and got fixed to a T by an adjudicator over the phone. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It said that my next step was to claim credit by returning to the website on Wednesday April 1st, and it said that I would receive a monetary determination in the mail informing me of my weekly benefit rate. I deserve to get unemployment," said Yurk. Many states have a shortage of claims processers and need to change their computer programs before they can approve the new unemployment benefits … I WAS TALKING TO A FRIEND AND SHE TOLD ME THAT HER CHECKS DID NOT COME BECAUSE SHE CHANGED HER BANKING ACCOUNT #S TO HAVE DIRECT DEPOSIT. There's a work search log you can download from that website. I don't even see a pending status on the website, the only thing it shows when I log in is the option to print a 1099g. Cookies help us deliver our Services. (Note, I have never received unemployment before. And I could hardly hear the person on the phone. A spokesperson got back to us and said they're working on getting us an answer. I applied for unemployment on Wednesday March 25th. It still let me claim this week though. This will be a testing phase for you and your family if you’re… Read More » hi, i applied the same day. The benefits are retroactive, which means that you could potentially qualify for financial support insofar that you became unemployed as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic on or after January 27. She is nervous she filled something out wrong and its impossible for me to tell based on the information, or lack thereof of what "pending" means. When should I hear about getting paid? Summers asked. However, 9-weeks after she stopped working, the money has still not come in. Many states are also using outdated systems and technology to process these claims. I don't think it's right for this to be happening. They are not for the amounts people were expecting, so they are wondering if that money really belongs to them or if it's a mistake.

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