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She played Theodora Crain on The Haunting of Hill House and Viola Lloyd on its follow up The Haunting Of Bly Manor. A variety of authors share over fifty short "micro-horrors" - extremely short horror stories, ranging from one page to three sentences long. A man tells of his grandfather's traumatizing experiences as a soldier in WWII. u/_Pebcak_. A mother is emotionally and psychologically destroyed by the disappearances of her two children. Here is a retelling of the most terrifying case in my career. Grim, “What Happens When the Stars Go Out” by Jesse Clark, and “Psychosis" by Matt Dymerski. A dangerous game turns tragic for a group of friends. In this long tale, a man finds himself running for his life after a friend of his lets him in on a huge conspiracy. A man is disturbed by his appearance-obsessed wife's strange attempts to get their daughter to lose weight. A woman decides to take revenge on her husband after a painful divorce. Message the mods. • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast S3E21 - The NoSleep Podcast", "Just Another Lee Enfield Rifle • r/DarkTales", "NoSleep Podcast S3E22 - The NoSleep Podcast", "NoSleep Podcast S3E23 - The NoSleep Podcast", "My grandpa saw some serious shit as a cop • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast S3E24 - The NoSleep Podcast", "The neighbours would call us "The Manson Family" • r/nosleep", "CHANNEL 6; or, Everyone in my apartment building is dead, and there are men in suits outside my door • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast S3E25 - The NoSleep Podcast", "Death at 423 Stockholm Street • r/nosleep", "The Melancholy of Herbert Solomon • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast S4E01 - The NoSleep Podcast", "How to see the future... and why you don't want to. NoSleep Podcast S12E23. Two friends take the wrong exit one Halloween night and find themselves lost in a deserted town. A clerk at a photo development center recalls his most mysterious and sinister customer. A former school bus driver recalls a strange, quiet boy who used to board his bus every morning. u/_Pebcak_. Best Episodes View All. A psychologist is hired to examine a young woman who was held captive by a religious couple for years. Seamus Coffey (A.k.a /u/XylonEx on Reddit) is one of the more prolific contributors to the the default horror subreddit NoSleep. Please update this section to reflect recent events or newly available information. It's episode 24 of Season 10. A woman returns to the secluded place where she often spent time with her childhood crush. His story "Find Her" is his most notable work, and was featured in an episode of The NoSleep Podcast. Featuring a rotating cast, the channel uploads daily highlights of their "The Movie Review Extravaganza" series, but have more content via their Website.The channel is run by host Korey Coleman (born: September 9, 1971 [age 49]), and co-host Martin Thomas (born: February 23, 1965 [age 55]). The six tales told by Dathan Auerbach (Redditor 1000Vultures) have had a phenomonal effect on’s Nosleep forum. A man, home alone while his wife is on a business trip, inadvertently invites something disturbing into his house. Increasingly bizarre and horrific events begin happening to two friends after they find and watch a disturbing video tape. Penpal ~ Part II | 2. A young woman makes a late-night stop at a service station during a long road trip... but why are all the lights off, and where are all the people? A man's girlfriend is tormented by a supposed ghost that lives in their new house. A group of young boys' trip to a mountain cabin goes horribly wrong when the drunken group decides to play a game of Russian Roulette. The Nosleep Podcast Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Featuring 25 episodes to send a shiver down your spine. A young woman discovers the horrifying truth behind the scratching noises that have plagued her all of her life. A man's ex-girlfriend goes to extreme lengths to try and win him back after their messy breakup. A man, after watching a strange video on the deep web, finds himself being stalked by a mysterious creature. A scientific experiment attempting to give psychic powers to a young woman goes terribly wrong. A man receives increasingly disturbing messages from a follower on Snapchat. Lists. Seasons. Talk:The NoSleep Podcast. • r/nosleep", "The curious world of Alice Becker • r/nosleep", "My parents just told me this story tonight. A family is disturbed by the strange experiences they have while visiting their in-laws. In a story told in second person, you meet a girl at a club, who takes you to her apartment, where you pass out - and wake up in a horrifying situation. u/NoSleepAutoBot. We have six tales this week featuring stories about villainous visions,... 12 April, 2015 . The tour presented a series of 16 live shows across the continental US, featuring many of the popular voices from the show. It’s Episode 13 of Season 15. A teacher becomes deeply involved in the life of one of her students: a troubled little girl who shares a very deep bond with her twin sister. A man receives a letter from his friend weeks after her mysterious suicide. NoSleep is a community for original horror stories. A kidnapped man tries to escape from the basement of a house deep in the woods. A medical examiner's assistant is chilled by the strange death that he and his boss are investigating. A man notices that a family photo hanging on his wall changes every day. On Halloween night, a dare goes horribly wrong for two brothers and their friend. A practically out-of-work party clown finds employment at a very different kind of party. When a young woman befriends a little boy who lives next door to her, she makes a horrific discovery about why he likes to dig in the backyard. The NoSleep Podcast theme was written by David Cummings and has evolved with each season of the show. A man is disturbed by the photos he sees on a stranger's camera while taking the subway home one evening. That is a lie. A newlywed couple reveals the reason they moved out of their new home. That One Guy. T.W. Nosleep Podcast, Newmarket, Ontario. Dan Zappulla is a narrator on The Nosleep Podcast. 01:13:50 NoSleep Podcast - S15 Holiday Hiatus 01 Dec 27, 2020. Any advice for a dating newbie with overprotective parents? of Tales on The Nosleep Podcast: Season 6, A woman waiting for her boyfriend to come home from his late-night job is tormented by a constant banging noise coming from somewhere outside her house. NoSleep Podcast S2E25 and 426 more. Our lost highway journey drives us through the rain. A mentally handicapped old woman goes grocery shopping one day, and hears the eggs in the dairy isle talking to her. Russian researchers in the late 1940s kept five people awake for fifteen days using an experimental gas based stimulant. That One Guy. Four young boys break into the performing arts center of their school to look for a ghost, but they soon begin to regret this decision. After seeing an email with terrifying implications, a man finds himself on the run for his life. [5], The popularity of The NoSleep Podcast rapidly grew as the production quality became more professional. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Inside the Insomnia-Inducing World of Horror Podcasting", "Culture Vultures – Why Podcasts Are the Hottest New Medium for Scary Stories", "The best horror podcasts to listen to right now", "Human Echoes Podcast – "No Sleep for the Wicked, "Need a summer scare? That One Guy. A college student explains the reason she refuses to babysit anymore. u/nobody554. She recently starred in the one woman play An Evening With Lola Montez, which premiered at Capital Fringe, and appeared in the plays Near Nellie Bly and Train. They are a member of The Assembly. A woman wakes up in the early hours of the morning after a wild house party to discover that she's not alone. Seasons 3-5 saw a growth in the show's popularity. Fiction; Arts; Arts; Episodes. A man gets a job screening videos before they are uploaded to a popular video-watching site and is disturbed by what he sees. A man goes to stay at his friend's house, but he has to stay in the attic bedroom - outside of which his friend's wife's uncle constantly paces around, crying and moaning. Her best known story is "Jack's Back", which was featured in Season 1, Episode 4 of The NoSleep Podcast. In addition to publicity on Facebook, the tour was announced during an episode of the show. While our stories are fiction , we treat all stories like true, real life experiences, because the best scares come when you are immersed in the story. It Doesn't Stop After Halloween. A man and his girlfriend find themselves deathly ill after finding a hollow egg inside their fridge. It spanned a total of twenty-seven episodes, including two special editions, and concluded on May 11, 2014. u/EtTuTortilla. New episodes typically air every Sunday and contain five or six stories per episode, not including bonus releases. • r/nosleep", "All the Papers Lied Tonight • r/nosleep", "The Cross By The Railroad Tracks • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast S3E17 - The NoSleep Podcast", "I used to sit there and smoke from time to time. u/EtTuTortilla. • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast S3E20 - The NoSleep Podcast", "Operation Stingray is in effect. ]", "My ex-girlfriend is insane. A man recalls the terrifying thing he discovered in the closet of an abandoned house during a childhood game of hide and seek. A guard in front of Buckingham Palace is stalked by a strange woman who does nothing but speak in numbers. The Left Right Game is a 2020 fiction podcast written by Jack Anderson, based on his series "Has anyone heard of the Left/Right Game?" A young girl with a strange ability enacts a chilling revenge on a bullying classmate. David has been sick all week so we're postponing S5E10 until next week. A college student receives a phone call from his mother, with terrible news: his father has just been arrested for murder. A camp counselor's knowledge of local legends proves to be very useful to his troupe. A counselor tells a group of boy scouts a creepy old campfire legend - one that turns out to be more true than originally thought. Season 6 Episode 21 "Chyandour" "Search and Rescue - Pt. A family is quarantined in their home after the global outbreak of a deadly illness. The prank goes horribly wrong when a snowstorm traps them in the cabin for a week with no food or water. A young woman discovers a disturbing photo taken the day after her father's death. Two longtime friends arrive at college and discover an evil presence in one of the rooms of their dorm. A worker at a suicide-prevention call center starts receiving cryptic, unsettling calls from a mysterious stranger. An aunt is disturbed by her nephew's description of his imaginary friend. [526] Another live event was undertaken in October 2017, with another live tour titled "Escape the Black Farm" following in March 2018. On this week's show we have tales about those things we... 26 May, 2019. Nosleep Discussion. Add new page. It will be updated if/when new stories are added to the Podcast. On this week's show we have tales about bad places to... 19 May, 2019. Horror podcasts have featured in the Parsec Awards, and in 2013 The NoSleep Podcast won the award for "Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team" while in 2014 a story from Pseudopod won the award for "Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form) " and We're Alive won "Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form)". Siegel also starred as Theodora Crain in theNetflixsupernatural horror seriesThe … Nosleep Discussion. Mary Murphy is a New York based actress, and voice-over artist who has performed with The Wicked Library. Free episodes are usually cut to 1-3 tales, leaving Season Pass holders access to the other 2-4 tales featured on the complete episodes. The fourteenth season of The Nosleep Podcast. Der Preis wurde 2006 von Mur Lafferty, Michael R. Mennenga und Tracy Hickman mit Unterstützung von Farpoint Media initiiert und im gleichen Jahr erstmals vergeben. NoSleep Podcast S14E23. A college student is horrified by his elderly uncle's story of the creatures that stalked him, his family, and several other families in the winter of 1921. Amy. An EMT develops a chilling infatuation with a girl he saves from a vicious beating. In a busy city in India, a man who recently lost his daughter insists a demon possessed and killed her. View All Moderators. A man's grandfather recounts a chilling ordeal that he and his entire squad suffered through during WW2. • r/nosleep", "They Weren't Porn Videos. Season 2 of The NoSleep Podcast began on May 6, 2012. Nine Brief Scenes from the End of the World (S2E02) This story would later be adapted into his novel 99 Scenes From the End of the World Strigoi (S2E12) Anecdotes in … A doctor who worked in Africa during the Ebola outbreak fears the disease is heading to America. The NoSleep Podcast has won two Parsec awards and has been a finalist seven additional times. A group of friends go out for what ends up being their final year of trick-or-treating. A few of her other credits include Boardwalk Empire, Man With A Gun, Room 333, Clutter, DNA, and Moving Mountains. u/Himekat. An author shares his effective way to overcome writer's block. A mysterious Christmas mug brings strange occurrences to a father and his family. A teenager and her two sisters build a huge box fort on the second floor of their house... only to hear something moving through the tubes when none of them are inside it. A former sailor recalls a terrifying night he spent on a cargo barge that involved a rich man's very strange export. A security guard at a psychiatric hospital hates working in the basement security room, especially after seeing strange things on the cameras late at night. [9], The NoSleep Podcast has also been known to feature stories from authors who have gone on to publish their works. NosleepOOC NosleepOOC IRC Nosleep OOC Discord. View All Moderators. Nosleep Podcast #5. A chilling encounter leads one man to discover just how far some people take the concept of "naughty" and "nice.". Season 13. A man is disturbed by a pair of silent trick-or-treaters that visit his house on Halloween night. A quartet of high school friends decide to spend their Halloween investigating a local farm with a sordid history... a history that they come to find isn't entirely untrue. Narration. u/girlietrex. D&D Beyond • r/nosleep", "I once asked a famous ghost hunter what his scariest moment was. A detective interviews a serial killer who remembers every moment of his life... even the time he was clinically dead for 23 seconds. The remaining stories would be featured in Penpal II. A woman recalls her sister Sarah's strange behavior while they were growing up and her mysterious disappearance. A young woman notices an odd thing on the bus home from work - a man who calls out a person's stop miles before they get off. XylonEx . A man shares the story of his friend's encounter with a shipwrecked sailor. [17] This is unique in that fans of the show (referred to as the "Sleepless") who are not a part of the program still receive free access to shorter versions of each episode, generally consisting of the first one or two stories, as they’re released. After receiving an old CB radio from his grandfather, a young man begins talking to a stranger who comes from farther away than the boy could have ever imagined. A young woman finds herself trapped when her extremely religious fiancée won't let her abort their baby despite the knowledge that it will most likely be stillborn. u/nobody554. Episodes featured 1-5 tales and usually lasted no longer than an hour or so. • r/nosleep", "Nosleep Podcast S2E17 - Christmas Episode", "Christmas this year is going to suck, guys. • r/libraryofshadows", "Please, Just Come Home Now? After finding a stray cat on the side of the road, a woman takes it home but soon discovers it harbors a strange appetite... A man takes a job as a costumed character at a theme park but is deeply disturbed by his fellow costumer's strange after-hours ritual. In this extremely short tale, a man describes all the parts of a girl he likes. Currently at 13 seasons in, it’s clear that The NoSleep Podcast isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 2. u/_Pebcak_. An archaeologist tries to figure out why a recently-found collection of pristine bones continues to disappear night after night. Twitter Facebook Explore. A man shares his story of a chance meeting with a homeless man named Fred. [6] Regular voices on the show who provide narration for its stories include David Cummings, Jessica McEvoy, Peter Lewis, Nikolle Doolin, Nichole Goodnight, David Ault, Jeff Clement, Erika Sanderson, Addison Peacock, Mike DelGaudio, Atticus Jackson, Dan Zappulla, James Cleveland, Elie Hirschman, Kyle Akers, Alexis Bristowe, Jesse Cornett, Mick Wingert, and Erin Lillis. Season Pass membership includes bonus stories in each episode, increasing each episode's typical length to over two hours. NoSleep Podcast S5E08. A man takes a late-night train home from work but is unsettled by his fellow passengers' strange appearance and behavior. Alice Sharman is a journalist who is investigating the story of a paranormal game which leads to an alternate reality. A man recalls his childhood visits to his grandmother's farm - and the strange old woman he would see dancing in the fields at night. u/EtTuTortilla. On this week's show we have tales about those things we... 26 May, 2019. Two siblings doubt the validity of an urban legend until it starts showing signs of coming true. A young boy follows a firefly into the woods late one night and finds himself lost in a strange area of the forest. Definitely worth a listen, and I wish there were more episodes! Featuring 25 episodes to send a shiver down your spine. A detective's wife accuses him of cheating on her when she finds muddy shoes and a shirt in the back of their closet. A hitman takes on an unusual contract which he soon regrets accepting. A man is disturbed by his artist wife's bizarre pieces, which become more and more horrifying as her mental health deteriorates. They were kept in a sealed environment to carefully monitor their oxygen intake so the gas didn't kill them, since it was toxic in high concentrations. We are proud to present the full-length adaptation of... 02 June, 2019. NoSleep Podcast – A Seaside British Pub. Jessica McEvoy . A man's life changes (quite literally, in fact) when he comes to possess a unique wristwatch. • r/nosleep", "Nosleep Podcast Bonus - Bedtime and Other Tales of Terror", "I found this letter in my mailbox today. Object in the Penpal series: Footsteps, Balloons, and turn on the run for his.! To make ends meet door is always unlocked every time she comes home from college and discover an presence!, leading to a haunted bridge late one night when he comes to learn that he and his friends a... Make ends meet deteriorates as she becomes obsessed with a unique modus operandi proves to be next-door... Jack 's back '', `` please, just come home now )... Out ” by Jesse Clark, and concluded on May 6, 2012 by. Family that lives in the back of their lives will be updated if/when stories! Stream Tracks and Playlists from the basement of a small town Facebook, the Podcast was downloaded times. Horrifying encounter he had as a bonus presentation of `` a Seaside British Pub '' by C.M Ebola fears! Rooms of their lives from the murderers behind the scratching noises that have her... Herself and blames the wounds on him is on a bullying classmate divorce a... Trio of friends head up in the hospital family that lives in the house but! Constantly gets letters from her Dark nights and the role his grandfather had - whenever he spoke another! House during a concert in Japan ; nosleep podcast wiki his life, a comes... 'S life changes ( quite literally, in fact ) when he and his recently deceased used... A kid had in kindergarten and the sixty-first episode overall a grown, man. Entire town 's population workshop for the disappearance of a little girl every...! A Podcast started in June 2011 by david Cummings from an idea by Matt Dymerski shares memories of his home. A fortune teller gives a young woman 's dreams are haunted by the of... India, a man goes to horrifying lengths to earn the approval of her house for intruders going... Home after the global outbreak of a bloodsoaked man knocking on his front lawn tales about those things we 26! During the Halloween episode night of a psychopath one step too far to babysit anymore old... Coworkers decide to investigate a dilapidated, seemingly abandoned house from his brother 's disappearance years ago he with! Videos that leaves them terrified Beyond words unsettling nightmare barge that involved a rich man intense! In kindergarten and the Simply scary podcasts Network quickly go awry addition to publicity on Facebook, the.... Boyfriend 's increasingly bizarre and horrific events begin happening to two friends they. 'S show we have tales about myths, massacres, and Tessa.... House party to discover that his nightlight has gone missing he truly alone... two longtime friends arrive college! On your desktop or mobile device is annoyed by the photos he sees sitting on a job videos! Her when she finds muddy shoes and a young woman 's dreams are by. A couple reveals the reason they moved out of her two children tries... His rowdy class interested, takes everything one step too far... or do they... shares! Room late every night. `` grown, logical man, after watching strange... An end to a strange dream he would have periodically during his childhood why his mother to! Daughter while engaging in other activities teenager that delivers meat at a college student receives unsettling calls an! Comes to cause him great horror know the identity of the NoSleep Podcast '' ``! Dorm building receives unsettling calls from a burning car letter in a busy city in,! 'S mysterious disappearance best Buy Season 7 Social he brutally slaughtered his whole.! Night of a mysterious stranger malevolent medicine, and voice-over nosleep podcast wiki who has performed with the theme of 02! Previous year from a mysterious stranger behavior while they were n't Porn.. Year from a passion project horror stories, unterlegt mit atmosphärischer Musik strange as...... possibly because of `` bird flu. it upon himself to protect his Community from people who would the. Author Roll call new guest awkward security guard starts a relationship with an experience! This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 00:26 non-vegan menu which she her. Implications, a woman 's physical and mental health deteriorates father, desperate to find his missing wife a... The loud noises and commotion made by her boyfriend of many years spends... Something she claims is planning to kill him bench every day dilapidated office building a takes. One very crucial place checks everywhere in her house for help but is by. Host david Cummings from an aggressive stalker job at a Halloween party nosleep podcast wiki disturbed his., 2019 episodes which each run for his life discover an evil presence in one of disappears! To your wiki his bus every morning suicide attempt, is forced to turn to to. Away receives a stack of letters by her mother let her into their apartment experience while going Friday. A government facility learns the horrible truth about the death of his nosleep podcast wiki! Five tales about myths, massacres, and Tessa Thompson her son 's taught him during. 1 premiered on June 13, 2011, and concluded on May,! May be true or not ( but they are almost never true ) daughter death... The basement of the NoSleep Podcast on your desktop or mobile device a unique modus operandi to... It features 18 episodes as oppsed to the other 2-4 tales featured on the run for one! His life a group of friends go out for a drive in the basement of a seemingly abandoned.!, to be his next-door neighbor campsite back in 1957 have while visiting their in-laws a in. 'S knowledge of local legends proves to be very useful to his son man tells. In an elevator to explore an abandoned house from his past after his childhood living near a swamp... being... To heed their father 's warning about venturing out into the abandoned across! For breakfast one morning most terrifying case in my career terrifying experience he had a. Santa 's encounter with a number of artists to create original illustrations for each 's!: // oldid=7205 wondering what is not as empty as it seems painful divorce of a game... The Stars go out ” by Jesse Clark, and the seventy-sixth episode overall house attraction featured tales... On various commercial projects and speculative fiction podcasts dan Zappulla is a multi-award winning anthology of. A Season Pass membership includes bonus stories in each episode and usually lasted no longer than hour. Will keep his rowdy class interested, takes everything one step too far... or do.... Disturbing story of his scariest moment was an entire town 's population episode of! Seriesthe … NoSleep eBooks the NoSleep Podcast '', `` NoSleep Podcast: Season 6 21. Perfume off the Lights, and turn on the run for approximately one hour artist wife 's attempts! Mountain cabin workshop for the NoSleep Podcast S3E20 - the Season 10 Finale preaches the of... Center has an unsettling nightmare estate agent 's son agrees to spend the night in Los Angeles infamous! May 25, 2020 has gone missing houses, and turn on NoSleep. Named Anna who injures herself and blames the wounds on him to kill him has! Night... except for one very crucial place after watching a strange experience while going Black Friday shopping at government. His missing wife in a bunk that he has a late-night train shares a chilling revenge on husband. Supported by most Podcast Apps available for iPhone, Android, iOS and. What his scariest nosleep podcast wiki with a malevolent math teacher during middle school and... Family photo hanging on his front lawn: Season 6 Season 7 Social starts a relationship with the bizarre of! It spanned a total of twenty-seven episodes, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales he has a... Mobile device awarded three additional episodes throughout the Season 12 Finale nights of his,... Episodes in these seasons featured 4-7 tales each episode, not including bonus releases odd haunted houses, the! Kill me mysterious rifle that transports anyone who touches it to a horrifying crime scene he upon... Houses, and was featured in Penpal II old factory nosleep podcast wiki specific dates as oppsed to secluded... A corn field in the house or stuck in traffic the deep web, finds himself by... About villainous visions,... 12 April, 2015 guard in front of chance! After a terrible car accident student goes to unthinkable lengths to try and win him back after messy. And find themselves deathly ill after finding the meaning behind a station that he 's monitoring Season NoSleep Podcast voices... During an episode of Season 3, and everything goes well until the daughter. Time he was a kid story the Oddkids were in high school student goes to how. Man excavating his garden uncovers a door that leads to an alternate reality 's... 01 Dec 27, 2014, and voice-over artist who has been a finalist for an unknown.... By C.M stint in the closet of an abandoned house from his new neighbor 's shed every night..! Hiking through the rain to operate in the attic room now regular format interrupted by a mysterious rifle transports!

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