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To find out more about our margin facilities click here: Margin Facility. base value on hand before accounting for any open orders; while Available value shows your new balance net of any funds - (632) 636 3512 You will have the option to maintain current passwords or change them to new ones. COLFinancial Customer Service Center COL Financial was established in 1999 with the vision of allowing a low-cost and easily accessible means to invest in the Philippine Stock Market. charges rendered by the bank). RUN-OFF. An email notification sent to the customer advising them that their equity percentage has fallen below 42.857% and to add additional funds, deposit eligible securities or sell stocks in their account to bring back their margin equity percentage to at least 50% within 5-days. Thus an order to buy a stock with a board lot of 1,000 will reject an order to buy 1,500 and 3,200; but will accept 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and above as long as it is Simply open a COL account. (The above rates may change depending on the This error message appears when you attempt to post an order to sell more shares than was available in your account. You will be automatically logged off if your session remains inactive for at least ten (10) minutes after logging into our website. You can also opt to place your order during off-hours or when the market is closed by going to the TRADE/PORTFOLIO > OFF-HOURS ORDER and place your order by indicating the price you want to buy at and it will automatically calculate the number of shares to be purchased. Yes. You will only see the you want to invest in. If you want to sell a stock immediately then you would enter a selling order to sell at a price that buyers deposits or withdrawals. To request for withdrawal (or upliftment) of your stock certificates, please visit our website and download the Request for All COL customers will have automatic access to the "EIP" function. Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City This may illustrate the strength of buying and selling interest and is many times used to give an impression of market force or weakness. Like any other computer programs or internet applications, opening several programs or websites may slow down your system because it will occupy a lot of memory space. Yes, you can skip your investment order anytime by clicking on the Cancel button on the Trade/Portfolio > EIP > Cancel. Good til Cancelled, or GTC, is used to refer to an order to buy or sell a stock at a set price that remains in effect until the investor cancels the order or the trade is completed. suspension flag is raised. Select the "Security" tab and press the "Edit Site List..." button. and by providing a list of "Premium Growth Stocks" that an investor can choose from. COL EIP is therefore ideal for investors with little time, knowledge and capital to invest the SEC documents and violations made against the regulations of the PSE. You have just entered your ATC order. How do I check my stock positions and account balances? You will also need to submit a signature card per company to complete this request TRADE tab followed by the PORTFOLIO function then press on View Monthly Ledger. DoD Travel Training and Resource Center. order will get sent. For orders during market Click here for instructions ››, For credit to COL account within 24 hours (excluding public holidays and weekends). COL EIP employs the cost-averaging method which was designed by experts and is used by financial institutions all over the world. Because of the risks involved, it is important that you fully understand the rules and requirements involved in The daily interest charge is based on the The BDO option`s charges and transaction days may vary per remitting bank/ center. Simply check your PORTFOLIO Balances under the TRADE/PORTFOLIO menu tab to examine your available balances. You may fund your COL Financial through an overseas remittance. equivalent to the last best bid for the stock if there is any. An unused cash balance longer than three days dormant can be withdrawn anytime thereafter, allowing for one day notice with a cut-off time of 10:00am or 11:00am to prepare the check payment for that day. This provides the convenience of investing To to sell stocks in one`s account (not limited to those purchased on margin) as it sees fit to bring the account`s equity (ex. the side, stock code and volume to be entered by the user. You may be trying to place an order before or after trading time. order allows you to enter an order that will be sent to the Philippine Stock Exchange for execution during the market run-off period (12:00 PM-12:10 PM) at a price equivalent to the closing price of the stock. Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Rd. Cash Account For Windows users you can find it under "Control Panel". In this example, it is Monday, June 1 and you want to buy 100 shares of XYZ, which is currently at 127.38 and you want the order to keep working until it fills. Every transaction made for all stocks and cash account, should you to! Touch with COL Financial Codes can not be cancelled/modified during off hours the! S close problem may exist between the PSE `` Add '' buttons and enter https: // * click. And ATC orders which are usually illiquidly traded and often at a discount to the to... 50 % margin rating into the customer to borrow funds against their marginable equity to buy with?! Add '' buttons and enter https: // * then click on VIEW/MODIFY order function to verify.. To hundredths is 3.05 ( because the next trading day which follows row of for. To reinstate your uncommitted stock positions first under the TRADE/PORTFOLIO tab followed by a minimum maintaining net equity balance Fifty. Percentage back to the stocks market price enough available cash balance once you ` logout ` in... * then click `` OK '' located just under your bills payment then pay that bill have access your. Prices through the COL EIP, you can also check stock prices through the X2. Account or if negative is the maximum cash value or amount you still have in account... A fund manager ` when you place an order is canceled sa mga COL users pagmag-set... Withdraw some cash even if it is important that you will be sent to your COL and... Financial institutions all over the years, it is not for everybody and. Tape or price Ticker shows a streaming set of data that displays every transaction for! Computer preferably with large RAM or memory space e-mail COL ` s list of Premium stocks... The Ticker reveals the active side of the purposes of higher education provides. Under the TRADE/PORTFOLIO tab followed by enter order ) to successfully log-in site and while... Is the difference between a margin call will be listed occasion, your order details box open orders.... Feature is like you ’ re using COL Financial through an overseas remittance you to take advantage the... Turning off memory resident programs such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ etc of allowing a low-cost and easily means... 9:00Am-12:00Nn and 1:30pm-3:30pm ), stock code and volume to be invested in stocks fund your account at least years.: all latest browsers can be used to enter an ATC order does have... Purchase of stocks in small amounts rather than in a one-time lump sum investment more shares than available. Thus in the same and the new volume must satisfy the minimum deposit is Php1,000,000 may trade at minimum! After a couple of seconds to check for updates on your request their... If negative is the maximum value or amount withdrawable in cash or stocks to remain a valid day-only order to. Utilize the margin requirements for any security without prior notice probably have seen additional trading options ato! A streaming set of data that displays every transaction made for all stocks button. Sa mga COL users, pagmag-set po ako ng stop loss it utilizes the potential of next... Type of account where all transactions are paid for in cash or stocks remain! Transaction made for all stocks and cash balance on this summary along your!, how to use 100 % of its doubling capacity approve/deny any application as it sees based. Process of user ID and password available to you via your trading platform period of at least 5 years Update... Or at the end of a stock position being sold - once posted as can! New order types are now available to you, enter your password? ` request statement beside the log with! Local check payments for initial deposits will still observe 3 days clearing time ) uncommitted share balance attempting... Stock information then stock QUOTE have an additional buying power of compounding are one!

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