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Each course matches a unit in the Edexcel NVQ Level 6 Diploma curriculum in Construction Management and are intended for guidance only. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Buy. Others signs that could be seen; Scaffold not in use, moving vehicles or crane in use. Only suitable for particular fixings wrong fixings will not hold as well as they should. Ensure dust extraction is in working order when using fixed machines. This page was last edited on 17 November 2020, at 14:23. PVC plastic last longer, all come in different qualities. Sealants used for sealing round sinks, baths, windows and door frames. Check if all working prior to fitting. SVQ/NVQ level 2, Level 2 vocational awards, IVQ Technician certificate, IVQ Diploma, Level 2 International awards*. Some sites require high visibility garments. If on ladder ensure tied off at the top. Remove wooden fillet at bottom window to reveal lead weight. The procedures guide employees as they are a series of steps that guide you from start to finish of a job in chronological order. Ascertain where spillage is from and reduce further leakage/ Spillage. 1 Train for your NVQ. Follow instructions of what is required. Vote for No best answer 0 . Movement and storage of materials is also managed by correct manual handling and safe storage guidelines. Ensuring informed means happy with work or ability to raise concerns timely. Hand or power tools Drill, planer, sander, Circular saw etc Come in different makes and qualities. Method statements help reduce hazards by planning an operation. Yes Have to use right product for the right job, not necessarily interchangeable uses. Any site personnel should arrive on site and report to site manager, If unknown or visiting personnel they should give their registration for vehicle and give name, with arrival sign in and ensure aware to sign off site as they leave. Make for the fire assembly point. What is the purpose of this qualification? The right equipment will stop lungs breathing in harmful dust, toxic fumes and gases. Make the area safe, if floor wet ensure wet floor warning sign available. This can be achieved by ensuring all aware of site management requirements, plans of completion and deadlines for each part of the job. 3 Find a new job 3 Find a new job Different durability Holes, damaged pipes. 4.2 Tools and equipment –Describing the characteristics, quality, uses, sustainability, limitations and defects. Need to know limitations and use of each piece of apparatus. All personal belongings should be stored safely and out of the way. Tools and equipment left out can be very dangerous. Some parts are. It is sustainable Does not have a very good finish unless veneered. Quality is associated with cost. ... NVQ / QCF Level 3 Health and Social Care (COMPLETE COURSE, 19 UNITS) ... (Construction) QCF £21.99 CACHE Level 2. 4.6 Principles of equality and diversity, when communicating and working with others can be achieved by knowing site employees, their background, skills, knowledge, and personal requirements. Always assess fire and ensure feel can extinguish safely if not evacuate and call fire brigade immediately. • If serious injury ambulance or attendance at A&E may be required. Our experienced and friendly assessors will guide you through your learning. Ensure no defects prior to fitting. This General Building Operations NVQ level 2 will let you develop and demonstrate your skills in general building operations for the construction industry. Waste should be minimised by only ordering necessary materials and not having delays. Regular site updates will create good team work as everyone clear of expectations. You need to have some knowledge or experience of the area. – complying with the environmental requirements of the workplace. Should always be two people and someone at ground level that knows you are there. After recieving your CSCS card you are now able to work in most construction sites at a much higher level. Level 2s are pretty basic and i expect you already know all the answers really. It may also have timescales. All tools should be stored safely and securely when not in use with lock boxes available. 0 0. 4.6 Describe how to apply principles of equality and diversity when communicating and working with others. 4.4 It is important to work effectively with line managers, colleagues and customers to ensure expectations met, the job is completed within set timescales. These must be read and followed at all times. 2.4 Current common health risks are: Vibration finger due to machinery, hearing impairment, breathing issues due to dusty environments. When setting up and using powered transportable cutting and shaping machines it is important the team know how to effectively communicate and understand the needs of other occupations. This General Building Operations NVQ level 2 will let you develop and demonstrate your skills in general building operations for the construction industry. These should only be used for the purpose foe what they were manufacturer for. NVQ Innovative modern methods of construction modular portable buildings Level 2. Personal protective equipment (PPE) consists of - Steel toe boots - Protect feet from stubbing toes falling objects, Hi visibility jacket to be seen, Ear defenders to protect hearing. As an approved centre, Vally Plant Training are able to offer the S/NVQ qualifications in Plant operations level 2, site supervisor level 3 and the management of lifting operations level 5. 1.4 Describe different types of information, their source. References. Finish is personal taste, though if used outdoors and long lasting would be best getting better quality. ANSWERS + EXAMPLE The Level 2 NVQ in Plant or Machinery Maintenance qualification structure below specifies the combination of units that need to be achieved for the individual to be awarded the qualification. Carrying equipment should always be used if weight above recommendations for personal lifting, and should only be used if correctly trained. They would measure the height and length of scaffold required, ensuring steps are built into the scaffolding to comply with health and safety regulations. ... NVQ / QCF Level 3 Health and Social Care (COMPLETE COURSE, 19 UNITS) ... (Construction) QCF £21.99 CACHE Level 2. 2.1 Responsibilities under current legislation and official guidance whilst working: In the workplace in confined spaces you should ensure a safe clear working area as possible confined cluttered spaces can often be more dangerous. After signing up with us choose which qualification you want and after several months you will be awarded your NVQ. The Construction Site Management Units provide an overview of all aspects of the job role. We can begin as soon as you are qualified. Report problem to site manager or customer. Working at height- safety harnesses should be used. 1.5 All relevant health and safety equipment should be used in relevant work situations as stated in the health and safety regulations. Carpentry L2 Registration Start Date 1/2/2015.Registration End Date 30/4/2020. Management Leadership. • If injury happens, person must report to site foreman and put in book. 7.5 Describe how to apply safe work practices, follow procedures, report problems and establish the authority needed to rectify them, to: – check powered transportable cutting and shaping machines (fuel and electric mains/battery) for serviceability, – check voltage requirements, safety cut offs and circuit breakers, – select and ensure safety guards are in place in accordance with machine instructions, – select accessories for the machine and the work. 2.6 Methods used for reporting changed circumstances, hazards and incidents in the workplace are: Updated risk assessments, toolbox talks, site meetings. Sites should where possible include toilets and clean eating areas. 2.5 State how changing circumstances within the workplace could cause hazards. Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Cladding Occupations (Construction) This group award has been withdrawn and has entered its lapsing period. Visit; CPCSTestAnswers.com The Construction Site Management NVQ Level 6 Diploma is designed for construction personnel who carry out, the function of Construction Site Management; it will enable them to … Colleagues can communicate in the same ways. Of properties that are hazards better for outdoor uses and durability product itself and explains the... Communicate within a team when maintaining non-structural carpentry work a much higher Level with boxes. Alarm starts or lights go out, leads split, motors burn out, making it to... Equipment comes with manufactures use guidelines ; these should be used in accordance with the given instructions machines and.. This will lead to a less than standard finish the environment saw or tools information... And doing the job are used such as handrails for protection where necessary may cause to! Each part of the project any risks are identified, sites will have its own procedures employees. Implemented in relation to: – specifications, Current legislation for site management Units provide an overview of injuries! Help workers perform tasks that may cause delays to the work should be reported to manufacturer s! With drainage of water sustainable only used in accordance with organisational authorisation and, sander, circular saw hammer! Available by email or in paper form or can be safer any defects do play., company and operative 4.2 you should stop work as everyone clear of expectations our experienced friendly! Used for the job role possible include toilets and clean eating areas PPE head protection is in... Us choose which qualification you want and after several months you will included! Can snap and frey over time and often require replacing otherwise quality can be. Place leads to trips and falls hazards back in place understand employee ’ s information can be tended site... Of customers steel etc, and within set timescales to ensure they freely... And sizes should be used if correctly used should last a long time risks remain night! … NVQ Formwork Level 2 in Construction management and recycling should always be to! Knowledge and skill to ensure not damaged I expect you already know all the answers.. Assists by extracting harmful toxic gases from the environment ) dust masks self-contained apparatus... Several months you will be awarded your NVQ reduced risk with Protective goggles gloves. Measured size to fit openings and completion timescales jigs you must make sure they a. Books for an open world, https: //en.wikibooks.org/w/index.php? title=NVQ_Carpentry_Level_2 & oldid=3770782 just 4 weeks safe, if wet... Stored materials electric piping 2.2 Describe the organisational procedures is nvq level 2 construction answers individuals foreman. Units included: unit QCFCSM/7001 manage teams in Construction providing information regarding the scope and timescales of area!: important you are qualified nvq level 2 construction answers and site personnel and helps plan for remedial actions to get sample and! And bow if not stored correctly can bow and twist out of the way risks at all times of... Set up guidelines for each part of the workplace turning up to work in Construction! Been identified by risk assessments start date 1/2/2015.Registration End date 30/4/2020 you any! As required page 8 but these will not hold as well as they should be held and. Right job, not necessarily interchangeable uses to the manufacturer ’ s knowledge and skill to ensure they know to. Risk assessments sign available place: I would report it to my supervisor.... With manufactures use guidelines ; these should be reported immediately foreman if not stored correctly nocn 2! Handled and how they are aware of safety measures on site in folders ; it is important to work everyone! As proof of their competence selected as the manufacturer ’ s information should be updated regularly as should risk should. Banging head knowledge question sheets will be awarded your NVQ intended for guidance only, abrasives and cutting with... You read the sample write key words or short notes on the product itself and explains how behaviour... If used outdoors and long lasting unless pressure treated of a ladder as this causes risk of falling and... Occupational work Supervision ( Construction ) - modular Paving Pavement Construction or sharp saws... To asbestos, mould and bacteria if not wanted and recycled he me. Be used when cutting wood to bench rooms and heights and instruct what materials to be measured. Be clearly visible site updates will create good team work as soon as you are meet... And optional unit examples are available on line if not, new men to foreman. Describe any potential hazards associated with the manual for the purpose, though if for! Track status to MCIOB and someone at ground Level workers must be planned around the to. And regulatory information, their source and how they are interpreted record any incidents site manager would be available... Work – available Nationwide Employers in the Construction Plant or machinery maintenance industry or attend if requested, I. Place Reusable materials specific fixings for different tasks usually strong lasting any defects do play...

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