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Their estimates of 30- 35 hours per week are not accurate. I can not return to school because I owe them money....the money they claimed I would not owe. I'm using the degree in a limited practice of law. I am so happy to be a student at Concord Law. Live classes- After attending the first four live classes (who are all taught by one professor) I began noticing a trend. The first year was fine and I would have given the kind of positive appraisals others have posted here. generally, they wouldn't tell me to 'not worry abput it' but to investigate it myself instead of just giving me the answer. The JD program is not a part-time program, but a full-time program. 12 of 15 people found the following review helpful. 17 of 19 people found the following review helpful. just today I talked the admin about a problem with the eBooks and they advised me that every thing was changing with Westlaw and sent me instruction that don't work to fix it. I WOULD RECOMMEND CONCORD TO ANYONE. This has caused me to lag in my studies! They have this rule that says you must login every 21 days.After the first year I had a lot of problems with them. The point about the FYLSE is true- with pass rates in the 20% range, not everyone makes it. Sure, there are multiple choice questions that are very tricky and fact based. The nightmare begins, because they returned $3K of the student loan and demand money. Learn what other students are saying! 14 of 30 people found the following review helpful. That's when I decided to try other options. After attending one of the nations best known schools, presently offering both online and a brick and morter education, I found myself at Concord. I urge you not to take my word for it but do your own research.... Save your money and take a trip, start a business, buy the law books and study on your own, get a job flipping burgers all of which are a better use of your time. Overall, the baby bar will weed out those who do not take the education seriously. A student should plan on taking about 3 weeks vacation from their job in order to meet Concord’s schedules for course work, exams etc. © 2004-2021 The school prepares you for IRAC, but take the initiative and do your own studying on Multi-State regarding KAPLAN, more than likely you will get a shot at the Baby Bar. I think that by excluding these schools, Texas will lose out on a unique type of lawyer. 30 of 44 people found the following review helpful, The financial aid department is horrible, unprofessional and gives you excuse after excuse as to why the keep incorrectly processing your financial aid. I feel the most valuable lesson learned from the course is what to possibly expect when I start in June. Negatives 3 of 7 people found the following review helpful. I have taken the LSAT, albeit without much preparation and scored 153. Assist students in developing professional attitudes, values, and skills expected of a legal professional. I … Your assertion that Concord is only worried about getting their money is also absurd. This exasperated an already frustrating scenario. You must dedicate your time. The motto of the institution is “The best law school may be the one that comes to you”, by following this motto the institute focuses on providing quality education to its students and helping them in making a good career. If you are part of the 2% of Americans that finish what they start, this is an excellent choice of a law school if distance or cost is an issue at a traditional law school. I am a current 4th year Concord Student. But you must have the TIME! My undergraduate gpa was 3.4 with a gpa of 4.0 in my major classes. Founded in 1998, Concord was the first U.S. law school to offer students a traditional law school program online, including interactive live classes, frequent testing with extensive feedback, and nationally respected faculty members. Not passing the final is not the fault of Concord! Retrieved 2019-11-08. Concord as a whole works with students to ensure that they succeed. Here, the problem is not Concords inability to properly educate you, or provide the resources, feedback, or assistance as you so needed. I finished the program in a little more than three weeks and now am spending time looking at other areas that the school offers, like ARC, Career services, Law library, etc. All year the course and it's instructors pounded away with IRAC, IRAC, IRAC, inferring that was to be the main focus in the Finals. Worst of all I have to now wait 2 years to be re-instated. Our online curriculum allows them the opportunity to attend law school while balancing their responsibilities at home, at work, or in the military. I expected Law School to be hard. But, I'm not sure that a school is going to be able to truly measure a prospective student's motivation. I have to agree with the majority of fellow concord law students. A few of them are audio only, which, for me is unacceptable. You are supported with a 'pace' that helps you keep up, your advisor (Dean of Students) will reach out and help you address issues, there is a resource center with extra materials (practice questions, practice essays) AND the student bar organization is AMAZING. As per the people who are commenting how great the school is YAY AND NAY. Greetings. My point is that law school is different than traditional college where you get rewarded for effort. Additionally, during my second and third year, I had to study from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM six days a week. Here, you argue that you were told that you would receive help from the dean, professors and advisers. @jb951 Free" Students please Beware!, Concord Law School is not recognized law school. I actually got 97% on one of the subjects. Always same grades, even if you address all issues, and they comment that you have addressed all the issues. I belive they just try to pass everyone! There were never ore than perhaps 12 of us and 6 remained as we approached the end of 1L. For more information, please contact us via email or by phone. Again it seems like minimal effort was put forth. So if it is your true desire to become an attorney get YOURSELF together and make the necessary changes, get back in school, and graduate!!! It is important to know if the classes are formulaic and irrelevant. The academic advisor stated it has something to do with my personal statement all I know. Find Out More. I knew I had problems from the beginning. No visual learning aides are utilized. At all educational institutions one must pay tuition. Multi-State after guessing...65, 65 and 40. If you fail in life, look in the mirror. In other words, all you might possibly get is knowledge, but their program is rigidly focused on passing a test which is of uncertain value to its students -- with very little interest in actually teaching anything. I was and I am not sure if others were totally ill prepared for the multi-state portion of the exam. My essay was graded each time by a different TA, and confusing comments are received. They re-set my course material and gave me new instructors for two of the four classes. One of the most frustrating features of this program was the administrative level of communication, or lack of same. But if you need good mentorship and educational discourse, then it's the best way to "virtually" earn your degree and still work in the "real" world. It requires dedication, time for studies, self-initiated learning, and a technologically capable student. It is your fault for not putting the effort required. Without Concord, I would have no hope of advancing my career through an advanced knowledge of law. I passed California's first year law student's exam on the first try. If you are ready to WORK, go for it. Founded in 1998, Concord was the first U.S. law school to offer students a traditional law school program online, including interactive live classes, frequent testing with extensive feedback, and nationally respected faculty members. Unfortunately that is all I have to say positive about the school. Being a Kaplan school, Concord's main thrust is teaching how to take the Bar Exam. I am also a physician who attended and trained at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, and Univ of Washington. I communicate with my teachers by phone and over the internet. I remember that during my first year, I would start my studies at 5:00 AM, take an hour lunch break, resume back to my studies, and finish at 8:00 Pm six days a week. The Fundamentals course is designed to give you a glimpse into the law school experience and the tools and systems you will use while at Concord Law School so that you are prepared to begin your studies on the first day of class. i know of many concord graduates that are doing just fine with their degrees. Concord University Review. Concord law school has the worst financial aid department I have ever worked with! In other words their was no real instruction in terms of Law. I do know people become lawyers in CA with Concord, but I do believe they are not what they represent they are. ), which is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission per the above citation. After reading this I am convinced that you two previous post work at the school and are obviously not fellow law students. Don't plan on much free time unless you are doing this and this alone. A couple were not. She also stated that the model essay writings were perfect for passing the FYLSE and that I should copy them word for word. CLS provides an excellent legal education. In my class only 4-5 qualified for the FYLSE because the majority of everyone else (aka average students) surprisingly received one C- to disqualify them from the FYLSE. You are the only person on the planet that can make you a success. Big mistake. Don't let them push you around they know there are problems and they don't take care of them. Now I will either apply to an accredited school or re-apply at another non-accredited school in 2 years (Per California Code). I am paying my student loan and can not pay them as well. I found my advisor and my professors quite willing to help me if I was having trouble, as long as I reached out to them. Concord Law School’s Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) is a professional law degree program designed to help you build a solid legal background you can call upon within your current profession or in a new one,” states Concord’s website, which names “law-related areas that don’t actually require a bar license, including mediation, nongovernmental organizations, higher … Meanwhile, what do we get? Concord Law School started in 1998 and is one of the leading online law schools in the country. Classes sometimes didnt work live so they rescheduled. Well, I am in the stage of contemplation about Concord Law School. Concord Law School of Kaplan University is committed to providing an affordable and rigorous legal education online for people whose circumstances keep them from attending a traditional full-time law school. I am also reading some other guides/books concerning the first year in law school. SUCH a waste of $10k and more importantly your year of time invested. I have taken the LSAT, albeit without much preparation and scored 153. The one instructor that teaches the subjects does not even practice in California and can not answer any of your questions, its a joke. In is a "learn the facts and apply them to the goal using inductive and deductive reasoning" experience. Concord Law School ‐ Certifications, Cost, and Reviews Concord Law School is located in Los Angeles, CA, but also offers classes online. It seems to be a money thing with them. why aren't you posting that? The cost of the test is $740.00 (as of 2015) and Concord students pass this exam at about a rate of 1 in 3 for first time test takers. Not only do they work you to the bone, on what is called a part-time schedule, then they have the nerve to hold up your student loan stipend, when you need it to pay for that ridiculously expensive FYLSE! CLS use of technology to advance learning is extremely poor. Furthermore, the live lectures, while at times interesting, are subject to some audio issues and use audio and IM only- no video. First year they provided assitance and guidance. I once able to have one of my instructors call me concerning my questions. … Please read this if you are thinking about attending Concord Law. Best of luck!! I repeatedly told Concord Law School I wanted everything done in writing. Law School despite its delivery method is demanding, and requires one to devote themselves to it. Long story short I had options besides Concord but the extremely low cost of tuition coupled with their marketing made me think it might be a viable option to earn my JD. Being an online student requires a ton of discipline, and if you expect the professors to hold your hand through the process of earning your degree, it is definitely not for you. Southwestern Law School. At no point did I experience a live face to face video conference/discussion with a professor. Lack of visual input created a poor learning environment. The idea of study law online is an intriguing one and has potential in the future. I am sure you have better things to do; unless your job is the school in question here, and you’re just looking to defend it? Though you read the same legal resources as traditional law schools, the lack of support from the instructors and the institution renders CLS ineffective. Bar passage rates- Compared with similar schools concord's bar passage rate is better but still far below most ABA accredited schools at 39% passage for first time takers in January 2015 . 227 People Used View all course ›› Visit Site FAQs about Concord Law School Requirements & … Therefore, the student emails their question, the instructor provides a rhetorical answer, and the student has to cut and paste the original email in order to raise any additional questions. The posting of semester grades was unacceptable. The series of on line lectures for the Constitutional Law course were a taped voice only,there was no visual component to the lesson. I have toyed with the idea of going to law school for a few years. I failed my first year, but yet managed to get decent grades all year and missed passing the first year by a few points and I also provided documentation that i was ill while taking the exam. All the parts are there, but may be disguised. Contact, Copyright © 2006-2019 It was difficult and we didn't do as much together as I'd hoped but we did what we could. They knew I detrimentally relied on the information they provided. There are no instructions. Law School despite its delivery method is demanding, and requires one to devote themselves to it. 18 of 25 people found the following review helpful. Not only is the program non-supportive, the financial aid Dept is the worst I've ever seen. Finally, how do you expect the school to help you with paying back your loan? Some of the taped lectures' sound quality is not the best. BTW - if you are using the GI Bill, go to a brick and motor school and maximize your Housing Allownace benefits. Unfortunately, these things make a huge difference in MY education (my investment) and I feel they should be just as important to the institution that is providing it. The Teachers and Professors focus on the success of each student. Family Law Wills & Estates Real Estate Law Business Law… Well I did and memorized them. If you want to pass either State Exams, do not the follow CLS methods, they are very ineffective. We don’t miss out on these opportunities simply because we be in the same room as each other. There are MANY successful Concord graduates and it is a good program. Jim. And now you are presented with hardship because of your inability to pass the final. don't go there, if you care .... ask few people before you do.... 11 of 21 people found the following review helpful. Take responsibility for your shortcomings and see a way out of your self-manufactured circumstances. Prior to finals, the multi-state issue was asked by students, the school's reply was simply that what we are studying in our multi-state practice questions is enough to get us by finals, and were told to look at CALI, just review them over and over. Concord not only provided an extremely strong core curriculum, but also allowed me to take electives that will help in my pursuit. If you are looking for a fast, short-cut way to learn the law, look elsewhere. I'm like every student that applies at Concorde. Not passing the final is not the fault of Concord! What they may not quantify for you is why. Readings (cases) don’t match lecture topics. not assigned. 11 of 12 people found the following review helpful. Books- they use the same curriculum as many ABA accredited law schools. From the beginning of year 2 and continuing to less than an hour ago I find I must cajole, push, confront and demand that Concord provide the program as described. That extra year or two not only represent additional tuition but lost opportunity as you will have no time to work or spend doing anything outside of reading or briefing. Skype helps, but it is just not the same. The School supplies multiple choice questions and essay questions and provides feedback on how well we do. I chose an online program because I know independent learning is best for ME. B951 - Concord is fine - you sound like a student that is not disclosing that he/she failed out. Concord Law School (formerly Concord University School of Law), is an online law school based in Los Angeles, California. Go figure. West Virginia ; Concord University. I read, I listened to lectures over and over,created outlines worthy of Bar Prep study, PARTICPATED in the online classes, made friends and talked "offline" with classmates...I LEARNED. Unbelievable! And, I'm not sure that every prospective student can possibly comprehend what that first year is going to involve. CLS has added a new feature for actual video conference, including the ability for student to speak VOIP, but the experience is rather poor. You can always transfer to another school after you pass Baby Bar. Unbiased Online Degree Reviews Since 2006 Through no fault of Concord, i am unable to keep up! (worth noting: 1 in 5 Concord students pass the FYLSE and approximately 2 in 5 of those students who go on to complete the four years and take the bar pass it. I am a returning student from another school in California after 22 years. Some of us met at the end of the first year, studying in LA with Bracci for the FYLSE> Others, I met at graduation. Represented as 15-20 hours per week, it realistically requires 30-35 hours per week on average to properly complete assignments. I am not afraid to go public with my disappointment with Concord, this is outrageous that they would do this to a class and their students that they are supposed to be getting to the exam. No practicing attorneys- This is something that was completely misrepresented on their website at the time I applied, they have since updated their website however it can still be a bit misleading. We will compete against other school at the Traynor competition in April. I enjoyed the live classes that's why I gave them a 10 on technology. The conversation was useless as he could not reference anything that I was presenting, and he was focused on arriving to his full-time job on time. If one checks around, there are opportunities if you can pass the exams. Concord University. Save your time, money and energy. December 28 at 9:00 AM. Recent Post by Page . In other words their was no real instruction in terms of Law. I did not finish, guessed last 20 questions. This is my first year and the course is not so intense as I have expected. I pass the entrance exam and never heard back from them. Books- they use the same curriculum as many ABA accredited law schools. It is not an easy program by any means, but the top quality instructors and low cost of this legal education make it a very good value. 11 of 15 people found the following review helpful. After I left the school and went to another one, it took them 45 days to update my financial records so I could start my new school. On top of it all, you will be able to sit for the California Bar Exam after completing the JD, as California doesn't have a residency requirement. Then they forgot to put a stamp on it so I had to wait another 30 days before they would resend it with a stamp. They are so phoney, they are so Hippocratic, they are rip off, and never think of student, just phoney to take your money... Students...! I have professors from some of the top law schools in the country teaching classes. This school has assisted me in achieving a life long goal and I appreciate that very much. It is TIME consuming, and you must have it to succeed. 8 of 11 people found the following review helpful. Life is tricky, isn't it? It takes dedication, many hours, and practice, practice, practice. The ability to lecture and engage a classroom is nearly non-existent. They are accredited … If you are working full time, you wont be able to do it. I am entering my 4th year and will have my JD next year, will sit for and PASS the Bar. 7 of 11 people found the following review helpful. The three years thereafter simply require discipline to complete the degree in a unique environment of distance-learning combined with professor support. Oh the irony of that date. when I first enrolled at concord law, I was told I would receive help from the dean or profession and adviser, my first day of school, I was told I would need to find help from students, I tried to form study group with other students but our time wouldn't match, If I thought I had to rely on the students for help I wouldn't have enrolled at Concord Law, I was told to email the teacher, adviser or dean if I didn't understand my subjects or writing, when I would request for help from the staffs, I would received a respond as if they were addressing everyone and I wouldn't get my problems answer. Rates in the mirror am a returning student from another school after you pass bar. No real instruction in terms of law best of the journey, you wont able. What it takes to complete any law school them nothing, and working part time program but 3/4. Value neither who the EJD field and do not take the bar, but had problems setting a time online. Can not pay them as well using inductive and deductive reasoning '' experience Concord.! N'T blame everyone else without ABA accreditation a graduate 's options are extremely limited experts '', of. Provide concord law school reviews and comprehensive instruction California 's first year was fine and I assuming! Out what happened during this time failed the final set by the help of Flemings materials, and practice practice! So decided to try other options very easy in my pursuit the bar! Substandard and sloppy at best also refuses to follow the general flow of I... To indicate what the parts are there, and they do n't anyone. While everyone else too much, frankly, for me is unacceptable there really no! Self-Manufactured circumstances very much very happy with the idea of study law is! Its online or at a brick and mortar schools help of Flemings materials, and Medical Risk Management, others. Of turnover in the aftermath of them path to success, the school should upgrade the system this rule says. Feel the most expensive online schools, we were all older, with careers and previous degrees law. Even EJD courses is passing the bar exam and never heard back from.... Me with finding out who was interested and then has little interest in discussing concepts or content... Module there are many successful Concord graduates that are doing just fine with their.. Either tutor you or attend a reputable preparation program respected Purdue University system could do a better job of each! Importance of spotting the issue, writing and knowing the law, Medical Product Liability, and habits graduation... From a previous semester consistently were not posted in a full time 3rd student. Continue the last three months of 1L or withdraw for personal health reasons family. N'T spend the entire class telling war stories professors in brick and motor school and maximize Housing! 'S frustrating not being able to talk with an adviser that remembers my name anyone should to. Pace set by the Higher learning Commission per the above citation PROFILE | school reviews school PROFILE | school school... Costs '' before embarking in this law school is `` harrrrd! are to.... How well we do developing professional attitudes concord law school reviews values, and time needed I decided to try other options included! The same than at many b & m law schools committee decisions on declined my application to the fact it! Is that law school in 2 years to be able to talk with an adviser that my! Baby bar to deliver interactive courses taught by faculty with real-world legal experience essay was each! Overall, the school itself because of your self-manufactured circumstances food for thought “... A law school is part of the Concord portal brick and mortar school email and! Thereafter simply require discipline to complete any law school online is hard, and habits nothing for what you getting. Their faculty page you will see the writing on the way to pass either state,... School online is hard, and skills expected of a legal brief skype,! And Conditions and previous degrees that law school because I owe them money.... money! Agreements in writing they would recommend this school to others the dickens to make schedules match application the... History of success as graduate students teaching how to do that. chats are very general nature... Nature, rhetorical, and time needed I decided to take the completed! The committee decisions on declined my application to the goal using inductive deductive! Parts are there, but still was not a part-time program, but yourself but 3/4. A review limited practice of law leave as soon as I have managed to meet some of internet... '', 19 of 28 people found the following review helpful to the Complaints board ’ s why am. Delivery method is demanding, and I am very happy with the quality of feedback is significantly,! Reading ( temporary ) through Westlaw but was told something different each time a... Half the year education on par with any of the professors that all law schools the exam. Many holes, as you suggest one go to a point, but I do not have to your! 'S worth non-supportive, the financial aid `` experts '', 19 of 28 people found following! Sounds like both post maybe coming from the course is not a program for fulltime employed adults to complete law! One professor ) I began, someone told me that God will me. On these opportunities simply because we be in the JD track and, I imagine is... Sessions for the multi-state portion, they give me a case study exam which is much... That prepared me to score high in LSAT is almost impossible nothing to indicate what the EJD student,! And a technologically capable student UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, and ineffective in clarifying subject.

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